Project: Gotteswerk Magazine ➄
Client: Gotteswinter und Aumaier GmbH
Services: Concept and Design, Editorial, Illustrations

The meaning of measure and time is under discussion again in our society. After a period of managing time (which is still ongoing and which just aims to use time more efficiently) it seems as if we are now questioning the value of time: and so the measure of time, rather then the measurement of time, is gaining importance. The new issue of »Gotteswerk« examines the relation between measure and time and seeks inspiration in very different directions. At Andechs Abbey we take the time to talk about measure, and the lettering we find on tombstones creates a typographic link in the magazine. The texts and photographs we captured let the reader catch up with the eternalness (of time) in its purest form. The tripartite structure of the magazine alludes to the mystical breath of numerical theory we inhaled, and the choice for the colour red brings power and blood, and with it: heart. Ornaments and illustrations enveloping the sleeve in medieval symbolic language refer to the deeper meaning between all of creation’s things and beings. The triptych’s covers each carry a text over the front and back of the booklets. Elaborate hot foil printing gives effect to Friedrich Nietzsche: who questions the value of values like no other – and leaves the answer to each and every one of us.

Awards: We are proud to have designed the «Gotteswerk» Magazine covering the annual Gotteswinter motto now for the fifth time in a row and very happy to say our work has been awarded with four Red Dot awards and three Berliner Type (2 × gold and 1 × silver).

Photographers: Thomas Degen, Maximilian Prechtl, Jan Schulte
Illustrationen Notizbuch: Michael Wiethaus

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