Project: 100for10 book — burn after reading
Client: 100for10 / Melville Design
Services: Editorial, illustrations, photography, typography

The art project »100 for 10« was initiated by Lars Harmsen of Melville Brand Design together with designers, photographers and artists with the aim of providing a platform, which bundles a series of 100 page books, celebrating diversity and visual experimentation. For 10 €, people all over the world can order the black and white editions, which function as collectibles. Under the title »Burn after Reading«, MHDK presents its contribution, which takes full advantage of the 100 page playground with glee fuelled by spontaneity and intuition. We were hot, we wanted to play, we were on fire! The typography of the book edges with the message »Come on Baby, light my fire!« takes the title of the publication farther with as a special finish – THE END!

Founding Editors: Lars Harmsen, Florian Brugger, Johannes König and Michael Schmidt
Publisher: Melville Brand Design
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