Project: Gotteswerk Magazine ➂
Client: Gotteswinter und Aumaier GmbH
Services: Editorial Design, Creative Direction, Illustrations, Interview

As every year, in 2016 MHDK was tasked with the design of the annual customer’s magazine »Gotteswerk« for the oldest printing company in Munich, Gotteswinter and Aumaier. The goal was to tie in with the preceding editions as well as a sequel with its own unique look. Communication and exchange were transferred into the second phase of »working together and find solutions for the work in process«. What mattered was a direct communication with the reader and »take my hand« was the message. A limited edition of 20 samples was produced with the help of the scene designer of the Bayerische Staatsoper. A plastic hand comes out of the cover to transfer the message of the magazine.

Awards: Red Dot Award 2017, Berliner Type Award 2017 – gold, German Design Award 2017 nominee

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