Project: Gotteswerk Magazine ➃
Client: Gotteswinter und Aumaier GmbH
Services: Editorial Design, Illustrations, Creative Direction, Concept, Interview

We are very grateful and proud that this is already the fourth year in a row to create the look of »Gotteswerk« magazine. This year’s edition carries the motto Trial and Error. We felt that it was a perfect opportunity to juggle with the notion of experimenting. This is how we go through life in many situations, after all. At times with surprising results. We decided to present a juxtaposition of words and images, which fly back and forth like the ball in a Ping Pong game. Our author designed a vital concept in cooperation with numerous photographers. One of them, the famous and international known fashion photographer Joachim Baldauf, shares his views on experimental photography in an interview. On the cover you find a puzzle and a removable shiny black substance – that we ourselves experimented with for the first time – so that you can go for own attempts to change the reality of an image and a text.

Awards: Red Dot Award 2018, Berliner Type Award 2018 – silver, Haptik Award 2018
Nominees: German Design Award 2018, German Brand Award 2018, Bayerischen Printpreis 2018, Fedrigoni Top Award 2019

Elizaveta Porodina, Maxime Ballesteros, Lukas Gansterer, Conny Mirbach, Markus Burke, Claudia Klein, Marc Schuhmann, Maximilian Virgilis, Federico Ferrari, Joachim Baldauf

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