Project: Vorn Magazine X »heaven«
Client: VORN Magazin (Joachim Baldauf / printkultur)
Services: Editorial Design, Typography, Creative Direction (Magazine + Photostory)

Joachim Baldauf, an international well known fashion photographer, is the publisher of VORN Magazine (est. 2004). In its nineth internationally distributed issue, we once again had the pleasure of being invited together with other well known creatives for another contribution: As one of the first publications in this genre, VORN debuted in 2004 as a hybrid between a magazine and a book. In issue #8 the makers took this playful approach to visuality to the extreme. It was completely without text. Viewers created their own publication with their individual gaze. The result was an entirely new and free approach to a magazine. But they went further and so even the medium changed completely for the latest issued: The new VORN #9 is a collage of 60 video clips, each of them 60 seconds, created by 60 different contributors. These clips are presented as an one hour silent movie collage accompanied by a symphony composed by Vlatko Lucan. Our task was to create a stand alone 60s second silent film with the topic HEAVEN. Positive, experimental, brave and avant-garde. Here you can see the full movie – our 60 seconds start at around 19:25 min In addition we created a little magazine of our own with lyrics written by constantin john and photographs which arose from the video shoot. Many thanks to all the contributors and supporters who made this clip happen!

Team MHDK 60 seconds:
Regie | Jovana Reisinger, Christina John
Concept and Creative Direction  | Christina John
Co-Regie | Felix Herrmann
Camera | Jovana Reisinger
2. Camera | Felix Herrmann

actors | Thomas Barsch, Ann-Sophie Wanninger, Jessica Dettinger, Constantin John, Hoang Thien Pham, Uh-Seok Han, Florian Netzer, Maximilian Bungarten
many thanks to | Thomas Gothier, Ludwig Abraham, Milena Wojhan, ThinkWorkObserve (Font: Falafel)

vorn | edition 9 | trailer:
Creative Direction | Joachim Baldauf
Editing | Denis Bivour
Director | Dieter brachtl
Music composed and performed by Vlatko Kucan

Directors in alphabetical order
Andre Wagner, Burak Isseven, Christina John (MILCH+HONIG) and Jovana Reisinger, Coco Neuville, Die Brüder, Dieter Brachtl, Erik van den Storm, Erika Buzin, Fette Sans, Franziska Uhlig, Harm Coordes, Joachim Baldauf, Linus Wincenth, Matthew Coleman, Miloushka Bokma, Monica Menez, Patrice Brylla, Robbie Augspurger, Robert G. Bartholot, Sandra Gramm, Schall und Schnabel, Thomas Elsner, Timotheus Tomicek, Timothy Rosado, Tina Berning, Tobias Ulmer, Torkil Gudnason

Team Heaven Magazine:
Creative Direction | Christina John
Photos | Milena Wojhan
Lyrics | Constantin John
Models | Hoang Thien Pham, Uh-Seok Han, Florian Netzer, Constantin John, Maximilian Bungarten
Font | Plaid by tightype

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