Project: Salome lookbook ➁
Client: Salome / Laura Langgärtner
Services: Branding, Webdesign, Editorial, Video Clip, Creative Direction

For the 2015 collection, another lookbook was to be designed for the SALOME jewellery brand. The dance of Salome 2 is louder, more colourful and more dynamic than its predecessor. In keeping with the first issue, we once again took and interpreted the Oscar Wilde’s play SALOME. True to the words »Nothing is serious, except passion«, we used powerful colours. As the tale’s end features a lot of it, we decided to use red as the dominant colour, which also serves to express passion, pain, desire and longing. (The typography is playful as with first lookbook, albeit noticeably more striking this time around. … and so the tempation returned.)

Photos and video: Phil Altheimer
Video cut and sound: Max Vaupel
Animation: Katerina Gaidamaka
Model: Jasmina Al Zihairi

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