Project: Creative sp ce Munich
Client: Did you know agency for Signa holding GmbH
Services: Branding, Identity, Webdesign, Wayfinding System, Creative Direction, Merchandise, Poster

Advertising agency »Did you know agency GmbH« was in charge of the appearance, realization, creative direction and launch of the creative interim use project of the Alte Akademie in Munich and commissioned MDHK with the concept and creation of the visual identity, logo, web and spacial design: the project was named SP CE. The theme of space is visualised within the logotype, and accentuated by the conscious use of open spaces within the design. Unused, empty areas were filled with messages about cooperative and collaborative working, which we presented typographically. Content was stretched, cropped and turned upside down.

The idea:
Empty space becomes filled with creativity: people can form teams, become accomplices or partners, play with ideas – people who might never have connected, if it were not for a space like this. And the outcome is surprising, flexible, expansive and leaves room for interpretation. The name SP CE provided the concept: space for creative interaction and exposition. The courage of white space and the flexible treatment of typographic fragments filling some of these voids. The concept and the logotype are distinct and create a clear framework with enough room for new ideas – both of which we interpreted and used visually. The playful handling of the content was just as enjoyable as working with our client was.

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