Project: RPTV branding, webdesign
Client: Rottmeir Patienten TV GmbH
Services: Branding, Identity, Webdesign, Design Iconfamily

For 25 years, the Rottmeier Patient TV corporation has worked to bring media to those in the medical services. They specialize in outfitting Hospitals with that which makes the uncomfortable but necessary stay more bearable: entertainment. Individual entertainment solutions and continuing support are offered from within a pool of services encompassing company concepts, technical implementation and servicing.

A gradual loss of touch with the original corporate design gave rise to the wish for a new company image. In collaboration with our studio, the cornerstones of content and strategy for the company communication were decided and defined. Visually, we designed a new lettering and icon-family that embodied the service range as a holistic product.

Through the development of a responsive design for their website, we were able to convey that Rottmeir is a company that is always riding on the wave of new technology.



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