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MILCH+HONIG designkultur
Häberlstraße 22
80337 München, Germany
represented by Christina Sofie John


© MILCH+HONIG designkultur, 2009 – 2018. All rights reserved. All projects depicted on this website, unless otherwise stated, are intellectual property of MHDK.


MILCH+HONIG is a munich-based graphic design studio founded in 2009. The team managed by Christina John works on commissioned projects in the commercial, editorial and cultural field covering all areas of print and interactive design. We love to work with a network of talented people in the fields of architecture, Video and Animation. As designers in our minds and artists in our hearts we develop design solutions that are related to the context. By focussing on a content-driven design process with our clients, we define the foundation for their design culture. Several projects have been published in magazines, blogs und publications like e.g. Novum (print and online), Page (print and online), Vorn, Slanted, Arcademi, Superpaper, 100 for 10, Vision music-magazine, red dot, the dieline (2 charity), designmadeingermany, pinterest, behance or ZEIT magazine. Likewise workshops und teaching (Hochschule München) belong to the fields of activities of the creative agency. Christina John is jury member of design austria / Joseph Binder Award and chairman the of the tgm (typographic society munich)

Client Shortlist

Rosenthal GmbH, Sixt Leasing SE, Porsche Zentrum München Süd, BMW, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Baader Bank AG, Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH, HTI Gienger KG,, Goethe-Institut, dt. Pavillon Architektur Biennale Venedig, Bund Deutscher Architekten, VORN Magazine, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Roman Maria Koidl, Performance Künstlerin Elana Katz aus NYC, Hotel Scholl, Gernreisen, Eloa Lights, Münchner Glückskindl, Hofgut Hafnerleiten …


Markus Burke, Conny Mirbach, Claudia Klein, Phil Pham, Jasmina Al Zihairi, Philipp Altheimer, Katerina Gaidamaka, Max Vaupel, Sarah Hennecke

MILCH+HONIG on vimeo




2018 — Awards
Red Dot Award
Red Dot: Gotteswerk #4.2017 – trial & error
Berliner Type Award
Silver: Gotteswerk #4.2017 – trial & error
Haptik Award
3. Place:Gotteswerk #4.2017 – trial & error
German Brand Award & German Design Award
Nominee: Gotteswerk #4.2017 – trial & error
Bayerischen Printpreis
Nominee: Gotteswerk #4.2017 – trial & error
Fedrigoni Top Award
Nominee: Gotteswerk #4.2017 – trial & error

2017 — Awards
iF Award
Gold: Philip a 200 pages anniversary magazine for Rosenthal (design excellence)
Berliner Type Award
Gold: Gotteswerk #2.2016 – take my hand (B2B – magazine)
Red Dot Award
Red Dot: Gotteswerk #2.2015
German Design Award
Special: Philip the anniversary book for Rosenthal
Nominee: Gotteswerk #3.2016 – take my hand

2016 — Awards
Red Dot Award
Best of the Best Grand Prix: Philip, an anniversary book for Rosenthal
Red Dot: Gotteswerk #2.2015
Gmund Award
2. Place: Gotteswerk #2.2015

Berliner Type Award
Gold: Gotteswerk #2.2015 – nice to meet you (B2B – magazine)

German Design Award
Nominee: Schokodil a children’s book
Nominee: Gotteswerk #2.2015 – nice to meet you (all excellent communications design)

Fedrigoni Top Award
Nominee: Philip, an anniversary magazine for Rosenthal
Nominee: My body is a fortress, but I‘m living in a head, an artist catalogue

Bayerischer Printmedienpreis
Nominee: Gotteswerk #2.2015 und Gotteswerk #1.2014
Metapaper gold printer of the year Award
2 place: Philip the anniversary book Rosenthal

2015 — Awards
Red Dot Award
Red Dot:Gotteswerk #1.2014
Paperazzo Haptik Award
Nominee: Gotteswerk #2.2014

2014 — Awards
Fedrigoni Top Award
Nominee: Gotteswerk #1.2014, customer magazine (corporate publishing)
Nominee: Sweet Charity Edition (books)
Paperazzo Haptik Award
Nominee: Gotteswerk #1.2014


selected clients

SIXT Porsche Steelcase Rosenthal BSH HTI Gienger Niesmann+Bischoff Goethe Institut Siemens