Project: Concept, website, product catalogue
Client: ELOA - Unique Lights GmbH
Services: Identity, webdesign, editorial

We developed the new website, product brochure and visual appearance for Eloa Unique lights, based in Berlin. Light objects float weightlessly in space. Fragile, iridescent, timeless. Solitary, or in constellation, Eloa lamps create individual light concepts that remind us of star constellations. We created a reduced space where we made the lamps come alive.

Eloa combines the craft of ancient glassblowing with a simple, yet distinct design. For a better impression of all the colors and potential combinations we developed a configurator to generate all these possibilities. The idea of Eloa appeared while working on a commissioned project in a loft space. The concept for lighting was to frame the different functional areas – cooking, eating, working. So we framed the web presentation in little cubes or showrooms as well to create different atmospheres with the day and night configurator.

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