Project: Chapbook
Client: Atriumhaus – Dr. Gabriele Schleuning
Services: Editorial Design, Visual

The 20th anniversary of the Atriumhaus in october was the perfect occasion to thank the employees of the »Clinics Section Upper-Bavaria« with a special gift. The idea was to create a book with several poems and short stories, which were written by patients of the mental institution. MHDK developed a unique and personal design for this collection. A classic black and white typography was chosen for the interior part to represent the partly dark thoughts and expressed feelings. As a counter part there is the glowing cover with the title »von der seele schreiben« to express the positive energy. This way the color of cover refers to the joy of live, everybody gains and loses in life. The cover was printed in a rainbow-printing-process of different shades of glowing red, what made every single copy an individual present – just like the authors are!

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